Wig-Wag Headlight or Tail Light Circuit

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color 4 white LEDs for headlights
 4 red LEDs for tail lights
 2 white and 2 red(+4.00)

Product Description

Emergency Vehicle Wig Wag Headlight Circuit

Assembled: Ready to use in your model vehicle

Check out this Video of the Wig Wag Circuit!

The 4 LEDs are wired 4 inches from the circuit board.
The Circuit Board is about 1 inch long, less than 1 inch wide and 1/10th of an inch tall. A switch is wired 11 inches from the board. Press the switch once for steady on again for 2nd pattern, etc. 5th press turns it off, there is no auto-shutoff

This Wig Wag has 5 settings
that match the ones you see in a real Police Car:

  • Steady On
  • Slow Flash
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Crazy Strobe

    Notice the lights go bright-dim not on-off

Here is a wig-wag we installed in a Motormax Crown Vic Police Car
The 2 power leads connect to any 9 volt DC battery source
The battery leads are 11 inches long to reach to the trunk.
Hook these leads to a fresh 9 volt battery and you are on your way!
There are no additional electronics required.
We even include a FREE battery strap!

Add realistic flashing headlights to your Model Car!

And here is the red tail light circuit on the same Black Undercover Motormax Crown Vic Diecast